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A Message From Our Director

Usually the cars recognized as “CCCA Classics” were built in limited production numbers and were quite expensive when new.

If you have not heard, the EPA passed a resolution banning the striping and painting of cars without an EPA approved filtered spray booth, spray gun and cleaning equipment. This rule might have curtailed what products you could buy without being an EPA certified restorer. The Special Equipment Market Association SEMA) lobbied the EPA and convinced them to allow non-professionals to strip and paint two cars a year. SEMA represents over 6000 manufacturers of parts and materials that essential to our cars. Individuals can help by joining the SEMA Action Network (SAN). SAN works with Federal, State and local governments to pass laws that do not adversely effect the collector car hobby. Some legislatures see our cars as polluting eyesores or as a source of revenue. With the support of thousand of people, SAN has the barging power to educate these law makers. Joining is easy and it’s FREE. Go to and sign up. You’ll get updates by e-mail of pending legislation that may effect our hobby. SEMA and SAN work together to our benefit. I recommend that everyone sign up. We need to be vigilant.

Don‘t forget our Grand Classic at the Grand Summit Resort Hotel in New Hampshire in July. There will be car collections, touring, trains, boats and lots of good food and friends. So bring your old car to be judged or to tour or come modern and enjoy the fun. A good time will be had by all. Watch for registration in the National Bulletin.